Stage Instructions Comments
Pre-training* 1 Show a video of an elite golfer with optimal gaze behavior. Point out key features and especially QE. Ask questions to ensure understanding.
2 Show the trainee a video of his or her own gaze behavior. Ask about and point out differences between gaze of trainee and gaze of elite golfer.
Training 1 Assume stance and ensure gaze is located on back of ball.
2 After setting up, fix gaze on hole.
3 Make one to three fixations towards the hole.
4 The final fixation is the QE to the back of the ball with an onset prior to the beginning of backstroke and a duration of 2-3 sec. 2-3 sec can seem like a long time to the participants. You can time them until they get it right.
5 Do not look at the club head during the putt.
6 QE should remain on the green for 200-300 msec after the golf club contacts the ball. Make sure the trainee understands that he or she needs to look at the green that is under the golf ball.