Item number Item description
1 Did you contact the tournament office to book a time for your practice?
2 Did you organise a mode of transport to the course (return) for the week?
3a Did you map the course?
3b Did use develop a strategy or game plan for the course?
4 Did you structure your technical/shot practice relevant to the requirements of the tournament course?
5 Did you develop a financial budget for the tournament?
6a Did you use any strategies for in-flight nutrition or hydration? (NA if local or didn’t travel by plane)
6b Did you use any strategies to manage or reduce jet lag? (NA if local flight or didn’t travel by plane)
7a Did you use any post-flight recovery strategies? (NA if local flight or didn’t travel by plane)
7b Did you use any post-round recovery strategies?
8 Did you plan or adjust your preparation based on the conditions of the venue?
9 Did you set process goals or objectives for preparation?
10 Did you monitor your preparation to make sure you achieved your goals or objectives?
11 Upon arrival, did you assess the facilities available?
12 Did you plan and prepare your meals?
13 Did you organise preparation so that practice activities were reduced leading up to the first round?
14 Did you re-calibrate club distances upon arrival?
15 Did you visualise the course layout and work on the specific shots for each hole in your practice sessions?
16 Did you develop a plan for time management?
17a Did you train in the gym during the tournament?
17b If yes, did you adjust your training program?
18 Did you monitor your physical condition and use this feedback to adjust your practice/preparation activities?
19 How many practice rounds did you complete for the tournament (Yes if 2 or more)?
20 Did you reflect on and evaluate your preparation each day?
21a Did you use a preparation routine before each round?
21b Did you perform a physical check to determine if an area required more focus during the warmup?
22 Did you use any mental preparation activities before your rounds?
23 Did you structure your pre-round shot practice based on the course conditions, and hit a variety of distances, clubs and shot types?
24 Did you reflect on your game plan before each round?
25 Did you use a consistent routine for AM and PM tee times?
26 Did you record your stats after each round?
27a Did you reflect on and evaluate your performance after each round and adjust course strategy as required?
27b If yes, did you record your evaluation? (if N to 27a = NA)
28 Did you monitor weather conditions and how you were hitting it each day and use this info to adjust course strategy?
29 Did you self-correct your swing during the tournament?
30 Did you try to switch on before teeing off and switch off after each round?
31a Did you reflect on and evaluate your performance after the tournament?
31b If yes, did you record this information?
31c If yes, did you use this information to adjust your preparation or strategy for future tournaments?
32 Did you debrief with your coach after the tournament to discuss your preparation or performance?
33 Did you practice skills that you didn't perform well on the course?
34 Did you develop a course guide before arrival at the tournament?
35 Did you adjust your equipment based on the conditions of the course?
36 How many days before the first round did you arrive? (Y if at least 3-4 days for long-haul travel) (NA if local)
37 Did you perform any practice drills during the tournament to work on or change your swing?
38 Did you perform an evaluation or debrief with your coach after any rounds during the tournament?
39 Did you contact your coach for advice following a poor performance during the tournament?
40 Did you practice skills or shot types that you performed well on the course?
41 Did you contact a sports psychologist for a debrief after any of your rounds?
42a Have you played the tournament course before?
42b If yes, did you spend less time on course mapping and more on shot practice or playing the course than if you’d never played it before?