AssessmentDescriptionAssessment Tool
Golf Playing Characteristics
HandicapGolf Australia official golf handicapQuestionnaire (for all below)
Holes / wkNumber of holes played per week
Walk or cartUse of cart or not when completing holes per week
Practise TimeTime spent on practise per week (<1 hr, >1 hr)
Practise FocusMethod of practise (long game, approach play, short game)
CoachingUse of professional coaching (yes, no)
HeightStanding height (m)Stadiometer
MassBody mass (kg) Weighing scales
PostureStanding posture score (/65)New York Posture Scale
Physical Capacity
FlexibilitySitting on floor, legs extended, reaching beyond toes (if possible) (cm)Sit and reach box
BalanceLength of time (max 45 s) standing on dominant and non-dominant foot (eyes open / closed)Stopwatch
Back reachDistance (cm) between middle fingers of one hand reaching over shoulder and other up the back for dominant and non-dominant handsTape measure
Grip strengthAverage of each hand from three alternating hand attempts (kg)Hand dynamometer
Trunk isometric extensionMaximum time (s) lying prone with hands on forehead and shoulders lifted from groundStopwatch
Timed up and goTime taken (s) to rise from chair, move around cone 3 m away and return to seated positionStopwatch
Sit to standNumber of body weight squats performed from a chair in 30 secondsStopwatch
Six minute walk testSelf-paced total walking distance (m) over six minutes between two 30 m conesStopwatch
Golf Performance Ability
Clubhead speedSpeed of clubhead at ball impact (km/h)Launch monitor (for all below)
Ball velocityInitial ball speed after clubhead impact (km/h)
Carry distanceTotal distance ball travels in the air from ball impact to initial ground impact (m)
Accuracy (offlineDistance left (negative) or right (positive) from central target line (m)