Materials Directions Skill phases Performance Criteria T1 T2 Score
A foam golf ball, putter, cone and at least 6m of space Place a ball on the ground at a marked spot. Hand the putter to the child. Tell the child to hit the ball as close as possible to the cone placed at 5m away. Repeat a second trial. Start Child side on to intended target (i.e. non/preferred hip/shoulder faces towards target). Both hand on putter (grip not important).

Stance Back has slight bend at waist and feet are shoulder width apart.

Focus Head still with eyes focused on ball until after release.

Backswing Small backswing with putter (i.e. lower than kneed height).

Hit Contacts ball and sends smoothly (i.e. without bounce) in general direction of target (no more than 11 am to 1 PM degrees left or right).

Follow through The plane of the putter is towards the target in a smooth rhythmic pendular motion without break.